Thursday, September 15, 2005

top 3 recent

had a lot of time on my hands recently and have been reading quite a bit. in no order the best things i've come across are 'counter clock world' by Philip K. Dick, 'wealth is a bad marriage' (unpublished) by Will Hewitt, and 'in dubious battle' by John Steinbeck.
Steinbeck is the motherfucking man and i was blown away by this story of a strike set in a fictional california valley. seriously, the motherfucking man.
Philip K. Dick, the crazy scifi guy probably most famous for Blade Runner or Total Recall is another master of the craft, even if lots of folk dis on scifi. this book is set in a world where time is moving in reverse and an old prophet is returning to life. a crazy cult, LSD grenades, and adultery, the library is the enemy, busy eradicating books and generally frightening people. awesome.
wanderer, poet, activist Will Hewitt has outdone himself. SSO Press is putting this out sometime in the future, a cycle of poems about his travels down to Chile, an open heart and an insatiable curiosity. will be a huge hit when it comes out, people will burn their houses down and throw beercans at South Africa.


Blogger jessimatic said...

john muthafukin' steinbeck is the man. it is his visual descriptive style i am so attracted to. and he never leaves the fictional california valley.

i look forward to the upcoming sso releases! kudos!

11:51 PM  
Blogger cole said...

word, many good things coming soon from sso: free poetry 13 (which is going to kick some serious ass believe you me), will's piece, a few other top secret good things in the works...yar

1:50 AM  

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