Monday, September 19, 2005

Word, Mr Hemingway

There's some books you can just read a billion times and not get sick of. Steinbeck's funny-as-shit novels tortilla flat, cannery row, and sweet thursday are some of those. In fact most of steinbeck and about a dozen others. One is Mark Twain's Adventures of Huck Finn. Damn. Have you read this recently. The writing makes saliva roll down my chin. It is good. Anyways, When asked what the best American novel ever written was Hemingway did not, as Ayn Rand possibly did, select one of his own. His choice was Huck Finn. The interesting thing about it was that he said that was his choice only if the last 30 or 60 or something pages were disregarded. So I've been wondering about that since I heard it two years ago. Now reading the book again I understand what he's saying. Huck Finn is an amusing book but its also about some real shit; Slavery, Abuse, Greed, Politics. Towards the end Jim is captured by some farmers who turn out to be tom sawyer's relatives and Huck is taking in pretending to be tom. Here is where the book changes. Tom sawyer shows up and it goes from the Adventures of Huck to the book previous about Tom. Its funny. Really funny. But it loses that edge it has through the rest of the book. Despite that you should all reread it if you haven't recently done so.


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