Sunday, September 25, 2005

the zines.

First and foremost, Ilse Content Vol. 3, the third installment of Alexis Wolf's fine poetry zine is her best yet. Technically, it's not out yet (soon to be released on SSO Press), but been enjoying my "advance" copy. Personal, serious, humorous, playful, all around very enjoyable. It's also the prettiest one so far.
Illustrated Roots Music by Drew M. Christie is a cool little zine of American folk music. Very random on who it touches on and where it goes, but that kind of makes it fun. A few interesting facts (Skip James was a pimp and started his career playing piano in the brothel he hustled at), but it's really all about the drawings, his style is so hip, I want him to do murals on my walls.
Casey Fuller gave me his latest poetry book the other night and it's good. I think he just made it to give away to a few people and the relaxed style really is what makes it cool. It's all poems he wrote at work, just about mundane day to day stuff, people at his job, weird small events. He's not trying to create works of genius, he's just taking notes and seeing what genius lies in everybody and what beauty there is in the boring stuff that doesn't make for the good stories when you get home at the end of the day.


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