Sunday, April 02, 2006

the zines (part 2).

When I took a couple weeks off work recently, I took four or five books with me on my travels and all of them ended up...I won't say "sucking", but not being what I expected. The only one I made it all the way through was the one fiction book among these, which was kind of crappy (despite the fact I've heard two or three people describe it as "perfect"). Read bits and pieces of books since I got back, but zines have been the only literature I've been getting very excited about.
There was a few days in a row where I got a new zine everyday, first I got Eaves of Ass #5 from my friend Craven, which is all about Autonomous Mutant Fest. Craven is in full negative-with-bouts-of-hope-for-the-world form here. Pretty funny stories about this last year's fest, which had the most festival types that he's seen in his seven years of attending, plenty of good old fashioned making fun of Rainbow guys who bum off everybody and don't give anything back, running flashlight jokes and much more.
Next I got Ilse Content #4, which is much more prose-like than any previous issue, encounters with interesting people, a beatiful long story about her grandmother, overall veryvery nice.
While making copies of Ilse, I borrowed Glossolia #4 from Alexis, which is a zine by a girl named Sarah Contrary who took a bike trip from Washington to Arizona. I think this might be my new favorite zine, she's such a good writer (especially by zine standards), her trip was inspiring and her sidetracks were normally thought-provoking or funny or beautiful. Highly recommended.
Right now, I'm reading a zine that's probably four or five years old, but acquired a copy from the Fuckumup Private Library. It's called Hessian Obsession and it's by a fella named Quitty, who I'm pretty sure I met while living at The Phoenix House, but only remember him by a Stranger "Drunk of the Week" that was on our fridge, where him and a friend sat on the steps of The Stranger office late at night asking for jobs and calling them fags. Anyway. Hessian Obsession is all about heshers; he uses a much more specific definition of hesher than I've ever used, something along the lines of: long-haired metalhead dudes that smoke pot and cigarettes and do things along the lines of memorizing guitar solos and quoting Slayer. He doesn't actually say this, he just says "It's kind of like pornography--you can't really describe it accurately, but you know it when you see it." Tons of hilarious hesher stories here, plus a Slayer crossword puzzle (also a "Slayer Fun Activity" where you use Slayer lines in conversation, like: Q: Hey, what's up? A: Oh, ya know, ripping apart, severing flesh, gouging eyes, tearing limb from limb.), and general pet peeves that are mostly unrelated to heshers. Fantastic.
These are the zines for now.


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