Friday, December 02, 2005

seasons in the city.

Couldn't sleep the other night, so I go to finish a short book I had been reading, I lament to Ariel how it's ok, but kind of cheesy and I'm not that into it. Then I dive into the last four chapters, which were completely awesome. The book is Marcovaldo or Seasons in the City by Italo Calvino, I know most people that read this blog have read it, but oh well. Giant soap bubbles flying through the city; being the only person left in a city in the heat of the summer; the world of cats, a cat restaurant; the Destructive Gift, a Christmas gift that creates more consumption because it's used to destroy other gifts. So good. Maybe I was just in the mood for the book when I read these and the other times it wasn't what I wanted, I don't know. Looking back on the rest of it, there was a lot of good moments, cool ideas, but its way of creating these extremely exageratted siuations wasn't really that amusing to me for most of it. But it's so short that what I didn't like about it can be easily excused.


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