Thursday, April 19, 2007

A Pattern Language

please let me build a city for us all to live in based off of this book! I will make you hearty foodstuffs and we will gather around in convenient and comfortable places where we will be ushered easily into our whole potential...this winter i started a project where i was illustrating ideas for how i thought a city really should be. it was a fun and playful arsty thing, but i was kind of serious about it. i really wanted to be specific about how each area of this imaginary city was going to interact, what it'd be made out of ...all these kinds of specifics. but somebody beat me to the punch. and they did an amazing job.
this book asks: why aren't things orchestrated with the true needs of humans in mind? a city where pedestrians are treated kindly, the car is not king, originality, beauty and functionality are valued paramount in architecture and city planning...where moving and standing water are regarded as fa(u)cets of the city that are just as important as bus terminals and banks...where the universities are acknowledged as skill enhancement centers on par with apprenticeships all over town....
just read it, crawl into my fantasy world.


Anonymous Nan said...

People should read this.

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